Jeane George Weigel on 03/15/2020

Times of Trouble

Photo: L. Sebastian“… we somehow keep coming through unsurvivable loss, the stress of never knowing how things will shake down, to the biggest miracle of all, that against all odds, we come through the end of the world, again and again — changed but intact (more or less)… Insofar as I have any idea

  Jeane George Weigel
Jeane George Weigel on 12/21/2019

Spirit Horse Gallery, Chimayo,NM

I have been casting about for a topic, a story, anything, to express the beauty in this difficult world. I wanted to write something uplifting to you, and I suppose to me as well, for this holiday season. The world seems to have gone so ugly of late.Photo: L. SebastianPhoto: L. SebastianI live in a

  Jeane George Weigel
Jeane George Weigel on 11/27/2019

A Necklace With a Story

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written but I’ve been very busy making necklaces. After Thanksgiving I’ll be posting designs for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and many pieces on my Etsy shop are on sale for the holidays.But I wanted to tell you about this one necklace in particular becaus

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Jeane George Weigel on 09/18/2019

An Essence of the High Road to Taos–The High Road Art Tour 2019

Spirit Horse Gallery, ChimayoThe “High Road” for those of you who don’t know, is the old highway running between Santa Fe and Taos. It winds up and through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and past ancient Spanish land grant villages.Sally Delap-John, TruchasOver the centuries artists have been drawn

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Jeane George Weigel on 09/12/2019


I live in a remarkable place that is not only filled with beauty but also with magic. I live where the ancients used to live, among their ancestors, the Indians. And the Spanish, the Mexicans, the Aztecs, the Penitentes…Their mark is all around me, in the air I breathe, the mountain I see, the land

  Jeane George Weigel
Jeane George Weigel on 08/20/2019

A Small Surprise

I’m announcing my brand new website that just went live last night. You can see it at But that’s not the real surprise.The surprise is that I’ve started making beaded necklaces! And they’re available on my new website.Kim says it’s sort of like Picasso’s shift to

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Jeane George Weigel on 07/26/2019

Georgia’s Black Place

As Georgia famously said, “To create one’s world in any of the arts takes courage.” I was so excited and inspired by discovering Georgia O’Keeffe’s White Place (see that I immediately started looking for her Black Pla

  Jeane George Weigel
Jeane George Weigel on 06/26/2019

Dennis Hopper in Taos

After Mabel and Tony passed away (see, there was some upset at the pueblo.They had believed that the house and land would come back to the pueblo after the couple’s death. Perhaps it was pueblo land that T

  Jeane George Weigel
Jeane George Weigel on 06/23/2019

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Introduction to New Mexico

Okay, this time I did go looking for Georgia O’Keeffe. I was inspired by experiencing her White Place the other day (see H. Ronnececk Casa LuhanAnd I was headed to one of my favorite places to stay, the Mabel Do

  Jeane George Weigel
Jeane George Weigel on 06/18/2019

Georgia O’Keeffe’s White Place

I did not set out seeking Georgia as so many seem to do. I just went on a hike with friends. It didn't occur to me until days later that we were in Georgia O'Keeffe's White Place. I did not set out seeking Georgia as so many seem to do.Kim and I were invited on a hike with our friends who had a spec

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Jeane George Weigel on 06/02/2019

Hiking Close to Home

Now that I’m feeling better I get to begin to get out into nature again and I’m thinking I’ll take you all along with me whenever I go.In fact Kim and a couple of friends and I went to the desert for my first hike since surgery this past week.This place is just about a 10 to 15 minute drive from the

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Jeane George Weigel on 05/29/2019

Rocks Rock!

Since I was a very small child I have been captivated by rocks and archeology. I used to walk the allies of Tacoma gathering treasures, and the beaches of Manzanita on Vashon Island. Maybe in part because it was a wealth of riches I didn’t need to be rich to enjoy. I have only one of those earlier f

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Jeane George Weigel on 04/21/2019

Shameless Promotion (and there’s a prize!)

Truchas is a place away, a time away. It is steeped in history and a deep heritage. It is simply a beautiful, peaceful place to be. Photo: Lorey S.Okay, I’m going to admit right out of the shoot that this blog post is being put out there to shamelessly support my friend’s little, very special B&B he

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Jeane George Weigel on 04/13/2019


... turn that long, painful look inside to the feelings generated within us by what we see--because those feelings we can do something about. Those we can heal. But we don't get to heal things that are outside of us. Coming into Talpa…As many of you know, I’ve been ill and then I had something of a

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Jeane George Weigel on 04/04/2018

God Speed Little Man

Bubba is a sensitive soul who has worked hard to fit. He has risen above fear, confusion and loss in order to live a good life. I believe there just may be some lessons for all of us in that.Bubba sitting with his best friend this morningNote: I’m republishing this piece about my dear Bubba which wa

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Jeane George Weigel on 03/08/2019

Ah, Life! Blessed Life…

Those of us who grow do so by developing our moral imaginations and expanding our carrying capacities for pain and bliss…” Mary Pipher, New York TimesBy the time we’re older, like me and some of you, we come to know that life is hard. I look at this ancient village where I live in the mountains of n

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Jeane George Weigel on 01/05/2019

Be Kind to the Suffering

A note about the photos in this post: The blog’s platform has been updated and I don’t know how to upload new photos so have drawn from the library of past posts…I have been wanting to talk to y’all (this fresh word compliments of some new friends, I like it so I’m using it) for a long time now. You

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Jeane George Weigel on 11/27/2018

The Miracle of Kathleen Ramsay, Part 2

When asked what she thinks her biggest contribution is to her community, Kathleen Ramsay says that it is her Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic in Española, New Mexico. It’s a fairly rural area, and quite poor. She says, “Probably 60% of people living there make $10,000 per year." And she has personally s

  Jeane George Weigel
Jeane George Weigel on 11/12/2018

The Miracle That is Kathleen Ramsay, Part 1

It’s been far too long since I’ve written to you all and there are so many reasons for that. One is that I was busy working with a friend to present a woman from our community as a CNN Hero nomination. Sadly, we didn’t win and Kathleen Ramsay did not receive the recognition we feel she deserves, nor

  Jeane George Weigel
Jeane George Weigel on 08/21/2018

Isabro Ventura “Charro” Ortega, at Home in the Clouds

Photo: New York TimesWe here in Truchas have suffered a terrible loss. Isabro Ventura “Charro” Ortega, a gifted woodcarver and our dear friend, passed away suddenly last Tuesday. Some who have been reading the blog since its beginning may recall him from a previous post written in 2011, http://high-

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Jeane George Weigel on 06/02/2018

Northern New Mexico Getaway, A Hidden Truchas Treasure

Photo: Lorey S.I know that any of you who have been following the blog already realize there is something extraordinary about New Mexico. And something even more special, as in anyplace we discover, are the tucked away little places we remember with fondness while not quite remembering how we found

  Jeane George Weigel
Jeane George Weigel on 05/23/2018

The Sugar Nymphs Bistro, Peñasco, NM

NOTE: This piece was originally posted on Feb. 7, 2012 but it deserves another posting. I have been meaning and wanting to go share a meal with Ki and Kai to talk about their love of cooking but, as you all know, I’ve been paring back on everything in order to spend more time at the easel. Not havin

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Jeane George Weigel on 05/03/2018


[All photos in this post were done by my dear friends Kevin and Katie Hulett in 2009 and 2010. Find them here:].I feel as though I’ve let out a breath—a breath I didn’t know I was holding. When had it started? When I was one, sixteen, thirty, sixty-four? I honestly don’t know, b

  Jeane George Weigel
Jeane George Weigel on 04/29/2018

French “ARTE TV” Comes to Truchas

A skull Emma took from my land all the way to her Paris apartment.I wasn’t sure if you all would be interested in this or not and it’s taken me awhile to decide to put these out there. But about a year ago I received an email from a French journalist doing a piece on Georgia O’Keeffe, Edward Curtis

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