Welcome To The High Road!


Come on, live a little. Take the High Road. See some art! 

Of the two routes between Santa Fe and Taos, the famous High Road isn't necessarily any prettier than the faster Low Road.  Even the High Road residents acknowledge beauty is a relative measurement in New Mexico.

But the High Road, well, it has a special rural mountain community feeling that is classic northern New Mexico. The road winds through river valleys created by feeder streams of the Rio Grande, beside Petroglyphed sandstone cliffs, breathtaking high mountain meadows, and meanders across high pine forests, all under the watchful eye of the snow capped Truchas Peaks.

Villages along the High Road Trail and Tour routes are filled with old adobe houses with pitched Pro Panel metal roofs. Massive firewood piles, cut, split, and stacked for winter heat rise next to rusting, partially disassembled pick-up trucks in yards surrounded by chickens, grazing horse, sheep, goat, and cow pasture.

Many of these towns are home to art studios and traditional handicraft workshops. This is where artists and artisans live and work. This is our High Road. Welcome to our home!

We do encourage each of you visiting the High Road to carry extra drinking water, a couple energy bars per person, and a sleeved jacket or Hoodie on your person or in your daypack at all times.  High elevation mountain life means the weather can change dramatically in just a couple of minuites.  In the high mountains, hiking temperatures can drop suddenly from middle 80's to upper 30's without warning or sufficient time to take cover.  Being safe means being prepared. 

We hope you enjoy your visit, tell your friends, and please do consider taking a little something special home with you.  High Road Artists and Artisans depend upon the income from the sale of their art to support their efforts to create new work. 

Thank you for visiting.

Board of Directors and Members of High Road Artisans, Inc.