Alonso Mendez

186 El Valle Rd Chamisal

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My work as an artist draws me to explore nature's tension: the frozen elements of decay in stone, bone, or mineral, the gnarled elegance, and the seeming chaos of root or tree. As an artist, I am drawn to ceramics as a medium because of the elemental quality of clay. The process of firing evokes the primordial processes of creation, and the resulting artifact embodies the ancient.  I try to capture a quality of timelessness and give the pieces a quality of ages of erosion. They evoke the skeletal remains of creatures or plants that could have existed in some prehistoric or even alien realm. Incorporated as the core of the artifact Is the presence of living energy that exists even in the inanimate. My intention as an artist is to convey an asymmetrical but harmonious balance that encourages the viewer to engage and dialogue with this awareness of the living forces of the earth.