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Monday - Friday Open By Prior Appointment Only, masks are mandatory as is social distancing.  Please call or email first to make your appointment

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Handmade Watercolor, Platinum/Palladium Photographs.

Palladium/Platinum printing is a labor-intensive and expensive process requiring fine paper, rare and expensive Noble Metals platinum, palladium, and gold primarily. The many steps to the final original work of art require incredible attention to detail and Job's patience. The result is a one-of-a-kind image that can easily last thousands of years. 

Chuck Jones and Suzanne Birrell, a husband and wife team, collaborate on these handmade photographic creations. They each bring their considerable individual arts and craft skills to form a larger whole that produces the highest quality standards in Birrell Jones's work.

Together, Chuck and Suzanne have over eighty-thousand hours invested in learning, practicing, and polishing their considerable skills & chops. Chuck makes most of the original photographs, digital negatives, and prints using a historic platinum/palladium printing process invented in the 1870s. Suzanne's hand tints the specially printed Platinum/Palladium images using the finest pure-pigment archival watercolors available.


Suzanne Birrell Ceramics