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Daniel Rueffert - HighRoad Plein Air Paintings

“Plein air refers to paintings done on location in one shot. (That’s my definition, as others sometimes work on them later in the studio). Impressionism is the word they use to describe the method. They are created in an hour, more or less, as the sun scoots across the sky, lengthening and shortening shadows. Consequently, trees become blobs of green violet paint and mountains a quick combination of Prussian blue and Alizarin crimson. In that length of time, thought is restricted to what’s in front of you. From the first touch of the brush to canvas to the signature, I’ve found it to be about the fastest hour on earth. You know, if you’re trying to get rid of an hour.”

Born in 1948 in Nebraska and raised in South Dakota, Daniel Rueffert has lived in Mexico since 1969. His talent and tenure in San Miguel de Allende and elsewhere in Mexico have afforded Mr. Rueffert iconic status as a master post-impressionist painter of Mexican life, lifestyle, and landscape. His work unequivocally captures and preserves the flavor of old rural Mexico, from the Republic’s central highlands to its vast coastlines, in a rapidly changing world – and an old Mexico that is rapidly disappearing.

Mr. Rueffert is one of Mexico’s most accomplished and collectible artists. His exceptional talent as a true en Plein air (on location) painter is palpable in the construction of his paintings – very finely honed and beautifully executed – presenting the public with the gift of his inspiration and his years of study craft and mastery. Mr. Rueffert includes in his technical repertoire the textural depth of palette knife works, a classic method providing each piece with even greater expression, structure, and form. Mr. Rueffert works in oils and pastels and occasionally sculpts. Mr. Rueffert's art can be found in collections worldwide. 

Mr. Rueffert studied at the Rocky Mountain School of Art in Denver, Colorado, Bellas Artes (Centro Cultural El Nigromante) in San Miguel de Allende, and the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende. After completing his studies, he joined the faculty at the Instituto Allende, where he taught for over several years in the early eighties. He now lives in Mineral de Pozos, a small abandoned mining town, recently designated “Pueblo Mágico” by the Mexican government, 56 km from San Miguel.

Chuck Jones & Suzanne Birrell Handmade Watercolor Tinted, Platinum/Palladium Photographs.

Palladium/Platinum printing is a labor-intensive and expensive process requiring fine paper, rare and expensive Noble Metals platinum, palladium, and gold primarily. The many steps to the final original work of art require incredible attention to detail and Job's patience. The result is a one-of-a-kind image that can easily last thousands of years. 

Chuck Jones and Suzanne Birrell, a husband and wife team, collaborate on these handmade photographic creations. They each bring their considerable individual arts and craft skills to form a larger whole that produces the highest quality standards in Birrell Jones's work.

Together, Chuck and Suzanne have over eighty-thousand hours invested in learning, practicing, and polishing their considerable skills & chops. Chuck makes most of the original photographs, digital negatives, and prints using a historic platinum/palladium printing process invented in the 1870s. Suzanne's hand tints the specially printed Platinum/Palladium images using the finest pure-pigment archival watercolors available.


Suzanne Birrell Ceramics

Chuck Jones & Suzanne Birrell ChimayóChicken® Upscaled Recycled Metal Yard Art