Seasons Along the High Road

Written on 02/28/2016

 Please join us for a show at the Northern New Mexico College, in the Nick Salazar Center for the Arts building.

Seasons Along the High Road highlights the work of Sally Delap-John. The show runs from February 19 - March 15 2016.

The reception will be held on March 11, 4 - 6 pm

Artist Statement

"Upon moving to Truchas, New Mexico in 2008, I almost immediately loaded up a palette, grabbed a couple of canvases and set about painting all I could see. It was a new landscape for me, but an old landscape full of historic churches, adobes and the high desert.

The village of Truchas is a wealth of history. It's historic church dominates the village as it appears to cling to the southern edge of the llanos. The spectacular Truchas Peaks are framed by the central village buildings as you drive east. Any season of the year provides it's own special beauty. Adobes of all ages and in varying stages of repair line the road.

Spring comes late in this area of the Sangr de Cristos. Lilacs and fruit trees send out brave shoots, new leaves, flower buds and are often rewarded with a cruel frost. But if they make it, it's spectacular.

Summer brings the monsoonal rains. These are channeled into the hand-dug acequias that wind down the llanos. wood piles are found everywhere. Wood gathering begins as soon as the roads are dry. You can't have too much wood.

Autumn is when the warm days turn the landscape its most colorful. Chamisa fills arroyos. Sunflowers, purple asters, blue flax color the roadside. Aspen fill in between the evergreens. Streaks of yellow aspen flank the Truchas Peaks. Add in a sunset, some orange rain and a rainbow and you have a treat that may be repeated over and over.

Winter is hushed in the cloak of snow. Nighttime snow glows unbelievably bright. Besides the nuisance of it all, the beauty is worth every minute."  - Sally Delap-John

Camino de la Sociadad.jpg

Camino de la Sociadad.jpg

Camino de la Sociadad, 20 x 16, oil