JoanzArtworks/ Joan Zalenski

832 NM-76 Chimayo

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As a multidisciplinary artist for over 40 years, I like to choose provocative concepts that I execute using my various art skills in sculpture, drawing, photography, ceramics, and mixed media. I have done numerous public art projects as well as site-specific installations where I design, build, install,
direct and sometimes perform interactive art events.

Earlier in my career, I began inventing games and game boards based on the life experiences of human beings. Many of my public art pieces and installations used the game board format and often the game narrative. They had to be interactive, intuitive, and visually attractive to the casual passerby to entice them to play. Based on today’s current events, I am inspired to revisit
this concept of games - life games, political games, strategic games – the games people play – is an adventure in mixed media production that engages viewer participation